We understand that it is critical for our customers to hire the right window film installation company because the end result can hugely impact their business.

Lerma Film Crew is the most in-demand window film installation contractor for a good reason: We have the experience and expertise to handle any type of window film installation project. Our many customers trust us – and have confidence in us – because we treat their business as our own and make sure the job is done right. Period.

Beyond our window tinting installation services, we work with our customers in all stages of the project – from the bid process through final inspection. So, we serve both as a consultant, advising our customers on every aspect of their project if needed, as well as being the window film installation expert.

We also have developed a reputation as trainers to the window film installation industry, as a number of window film manufacturers rely on Lerma to help school them on the best installation methods.

Professional Window Film Installation Methods

There is one golden rule in the window film business: The best window film in the world has little or no value unless it’s properly installed.

One reason Lerma crews are in demand is our expert installation methods, which vary depending on the type of film application. For example, we are an innovator in wet glaze systems used to attach security window films. A true wet glaze must be properly taped and tooled and the bead precisely measured. It not only has to be done right but it has to look good as well. There is no margin for error in this process, which is why you must have an experienced installer involved in your project.

We also are expert in various mechanical attachment systems in which screws and fasteners are used to attach the films to window frames.

There are an increasing number of circumstances when the installation of external window film is preferable, such as older buildings and buildings with spandrel glass. The adhesion method can be the same as an interior application, but there are usually additional requirements, such as utilizing a scaffolding or swing stage system to reach upper windows. It takes an expert crew with the proper certifications to handle challenging external window film and window protection film projects.

There is an even greater emphasis on expert installation methods for specialty films. These films must be properly installed to avoid critical issues that will render them ineffective. Lerma has considerable experience in this growing niche industry.

The Bottom Line

It’s crucial that you choose an experienced window film installation contractor – and crew – who know how to perfectly handle any type of window film installation application.

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