rick lerma and glenn yocca

Rick Lerma, Chief Operating Officer of Lerma Film Crew,

started his career like most in the industry tinting cars in 1990. Living in Witchita Falls, TX at the time, he started to branch out into residential and some commercial window film installation. Through his relationship with a film manufacturer and the unfortunate events of 9/11, Rick soon became the country’s leading security window film installer. By 2005, commissioned as an instructor and began training other installers the methods for security film and wet glazing. He helped pioneer the methods that are still commonly used today. It was during this time he met an up and coming window installer and U.S. Film Crew owner Glenn Yocca. The two have installed millions of square footage of window film all over the country.

Rick, who resides in San Antonio TX, is responsible for everything in the field including trucks, maintenance, and the crew. He is proud to have helped start an employee-based model for his crews whom are known for their consistency, reliability and trustworthiness. He is also most proud of his work on U.S. Capitol Dome; being the only installer to work on it two times over the course of ten years. In addition, he has been a lead installer on projects such as the St. Louis Airport, United States Institute of Peace, FBI buildings, plus the World Financial Towers in Manhattan.

Rick Lerma and Glenn Yocca really enjoy each other’s attitude of collaboration and teamwork. – “I don’t want to compete, I want to help someone land the project, do the project. It’s better that way!” That’s why Lerma Film Crew sees themselves as a representation of other companies. Lerma Film Crew maintains other company’s reputation, builds on their success, and make them shine!

Rick Lerma and Glenn Yocca - Lerma Film Crew

Glenn Yocca, Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Yocca president and founder of U.S. Film Crew and proud partner with Rick Lerma and Lerma Film Crew. They have developed a niche business model in which collaboration with you grows your business, strengthen your reputation and insure total commitment to quality. We do all of this by providing a highly professional and comprehensive project management package.  This complete package will elevate your confidence and increase the resources in your business.

Glenn Yocca is one of the country’s leading experts in window film installations and project management.  In 1993 after attaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Glenn began his career in Pittsburgh, PA in the window film industry, like many others, as an automotive window tint technician in his own business. With Glenn’s focus of providing exceptional service to his clients, while striving for perfection, his business has evolved into a national company, installing more than 20 million square feet of window film on some of the most prestigious projects in the industry.

Glenn’s passion has always been to provide quality service to his clients by efficiently applying his company’s expertise.  With a commitment to excellence, Glenn continues to be motivated by completing successful projects for his clients through superior execution, creative solutions and on time implementation. Lerma Film Crew is truly a culmination of all of his talents.