This 38-story building in mid-town Manhattan had become an eyesore due the deteriorating, purple window film attached to all the building’s windows.

The project involved removing the old film and installing a clear sun control window film. The new film had to qualify the building for LEED certification, which would gain the owners numerous benefits.

There were three significant challenges:

  • The blueprint called for each window pane to be pulled out of its slot and the old film removed, a tedious process that would add $1 million to the cost.
  • There were numerous hard-to-reach areas of glass that made it difficult for installers to reach
  • Some exterior film had to be installed, requiring the use of a swing stage to drop installers down from the roof.

Lerma Film Crew devised a way to remove the old film without have to take out the windows, saving the customer $1 million.

Lerma film installers also figured out ways to reach difficult areas, such as windows located behind columns with a one-sided entry point of only six inches and small pockets at the window tops where the glass went behind the ceiling. The exterior window film installation part of the project also was completed without a hitch.

New York Window Film was thrilled with the results:

“It was a tough project but done very efficiently,” said New York Window Film owner Steve Pesce. “Glenn and Rick were fantastic. They attacked it like it was a battle and were organized and methodical in the way they went about it.”

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