Airport terminals are among the busiest buildings in America so there were a considerable number of challenges involved in installing security film in the Gina Maria Lindsey Arrival Hall, adjacent to the main terminal.

The project had to be coordinated with the general contractor, Osborne Construction, which was renovating the hall. That called for precise scheduling of the installation crews. There were a number of secure areas in the hall that required special consideration for the installation crews. Crowded areas also added to the challenge.

Additionally, a large glass curtain wall proved difficult to reach with our lift so we assembled a scaffolding rig to install the film. During the walkthrough we recognized that a different rigging method that had been planned would not work and advised out customer of a better way, which saved both time and money.

Despite the many challenges, the project was completed without a hitch and to the satisfaction of our customer.

“SeaTac was a difficult project on many levels, but Lerma rose to the occasion and did a fantastic job,” said Adam Staley, president, Commercial Window Shield. “They were really the only installation crew we considered for this project because we knew they would do it right.”

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