This project involved installing decorative film on the interior side of exterior glass in one of Boston’s most visible and prestigious retail complexes.

Three specific requirements made this a challenging project:

  • Union labor
  • An installer qualified and certified in operating various aerial lifts in a delicate environment
  • Skilled installers who could properly align the decorative film patterns

Our Lerma installers secured local union affiliation, which was critical in the project moving forward.

Aerial lifts and scaffolding were required in reaching the glass to install the film. Considerable caution was exercised by our crews in maneuvering the aerial booms within the tight confines of the mall. Lerma’s experience in support equipment is a major factor in our ability to handle any job, no matter the difficulty and complexity.

“Copley Square Mall was one of the most challenging projects we have ever encountered,” said Bo Ryan, managing partner of Performance Films and “Lerma was crucial in helping us secure and prepare for the project. On the job, the Lerma team was extremely professional and efficient.  I’ve worked with Glenn and Rick on a large number of projects. They always work efficiently. I can also count on them to solve problems if they arise on site. They always turn out great work.”

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