This was a high-security project with restricted access.

It also presented a number of challenges related to film sourcing, scheduling and specialized equipment needed to complete the project.

Having worked with ATD Solar Film & Graphics successfully on previous projects, we were asked early on to help them secure the films required for the project. Additionally, because of secretive nature of the project, other specific information was hard to come by so we helped our customer step-by-step through the process.

The facility’s strict security requirements meant our installation crew had to have proper clearance and for us to schedule our work during off-hours, when there was minimal activity in the building.

The security film installation on the building’s oddly-shaped and hard to reach skylight systems required creative use of aerial lifts and other equipment.

Despite the many challenges, the project went smoothly and was completed as planned.

“Lerma Film Crew are top-notch professionals,” said ATD owner Dave Clarke. “It was a very, very difficult installation but they did the job effectively and to the satisfaction of my client. Having worked with Glenn before I can say he brings a level of expertise that is really unmatched in the window film installation business.”

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