film installation crew - lerma

Lerma Film Crew fits perfectly from all sides of your next project. Our window film installation crew is unmatched.

Short and Long Term Plans

  • An agile, flexible crew that can be there for a quick film installation and/or removal fix.
  • You can build us into your long term plans for a streamlined labor overhead and larger project bids.

Battle Tested

  • Since 1994 we have proven our capability for ALL window film installations.
  • From 1000 sq ft to over 100,000 sq ft we have installed every size of film all over the country.
  • If you want it done right the first time, we are the perfect fit.

Unmatched Project Management

  • We compliment our agile crew with two of the most experienced managers in the field.
  • Ricardo Lerma and Glenn Yocca. Amounting to 50+ years of experience.
  • Strategy-driven approach which improves our film installation crew’s efficiency.
  • Project management to account for complex installations.

film installation crew - the perfect fit