No matter what type of commercial building you think of, they all have one need in common: security.

While studies show that robberies in the United States are on the decline, the fact still remains that hundreds of thousands of businesses are still broken into each year. And while security systems continue to become more sophisticated, there is only so much they can do to actually prevent intruders from entering your property.

Windows, in particular, remain a dangerously vulnerable potential entry point. Thankfully, installing security window film on your office, storefront, or government building can provide quick, effective, and long-lasting protection for your building, your employees, and your investment.

Protect Your Building

Building safety and security are critical to the success of any property owner. One way to make sure your building is secure is to retain security window film installers to install fragment retention film to your office building windows.

Hiring an experienced security window film installation team is critical to the success of any safety and security window film project.  For more than three decades, Lerma Film Crew has been the go-to shatter resistant window film installation of choice for scores of satisfied office building customers.

Protect Your Employees

Natural gas and other unexpected explosions, terrorist acts, unwanted intruders and foul weather events can shatter your building’s windows. As a result, shards of glass flying through the air could potentially seriously injure your employees.

Shatter resistant window film adhered to your office building windows by skilled security window film installers will hold the glass in place, preventing flying glass shards from injuring your employees. Our security film installers utilize the best installation methods to make sure the security window film you buy adequately protects your office building glass.

Protect Your Investment

Office buildings require significant investments, part of which involves making sure the building is secure. Included in any building security analysis is protecting office building windows.

The best way to secure your office building windows – and protect your investment – is to have security window film installed to your windows. Lerma Film Crew is one of the country’s leading installers of fragment retention window film, which when properly adhered to your office building windows will hold the glass in place during any catastrophic event.


It takes experienced window film experts – like Lerma Film Crew – to properly install your security window films. For more information, please contact us today at 833-537-6232.

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