Are you looking for a trustworthy, experienced window film contractor to help with your next installation project?

Whether you’re a building owner, property manager, or a window film dealer this post will help you find the best window film contractor for your project.

Commercial window film installation is a skill set that requires advanced knowledge and years of experience. And while DIY installation kits are available in the market, window protection films are generally installed by skilled professionals.

Various window film companies claim to be the best in business, but not all of them back up their words. Several factors need to be considered before choosing the appropriate window film contractor. See below for a few tips and considerations.

Know what types of window film are available

Knowing what you want in advance will prepare you to ask the right questions to the window film contractor, and can save you a lot of time and money. See below for the most common types of commercial window films:

Safety and security window films

Window security film installation will add an extra layer of protection to your building’s windows and help mitigate theft, vandalism, and physical damage.

Solar control window films

These films provide UV protection, help reduce utility costs, and control how much light and heat enters your building through the windows.

Decorative window films

These films are attractive and functional and offer varying degrees of transparency and coverage to help you create a beautiful interior for your office space.

Specialty window films

Whether it’s smart glass film for privacy, Casper cloaking film for confidentiality, or safety film to protect your building from bird strikes, there are a plethora of specialty window films available to meet your needs.

Consider these tips when selecting a window film contractor

Choosing a reliable contractor for your window film installation project can be a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. See below are some important considerations to take into account before making a decision:

See how long they’ve been in business

As mentioned above, commercial window film installation requires skill and experience. Try to find a company that has been in business for at least a decade, at the very minimum.

Check out their website

Make sure the contractor’s website is up-to-date and professionally designed. Look for more information about their service quality, experience, and overall customer satisfaction.

See what kind of services they offer

Check if the brand, quality, and design best suited for your project are provided by the company. Viewing window films in person at their showroom, rather than in photographs, gives you an accurate idea of how the end product might look like.

Research their customer reviews

Look into as many reviews as possible. The more positive reviews, the better. Also, check whether or not the company has responded satisfactorily to negative reviews. A good company would always try to solve the problems faced by its customers.

Ask for references

References are essentially customers who had hired the contractor recently. Try to get in touch with them and ask if the work was done on time, on budget, and to their satisfaction. In most cases, you would feel more comfortable consulting friends and family rather than strangers for the referral, but it’s worth a shot since commercial window film installation is no small task.

Ensure they are licensed and insured

Not all states require contractors to be licensed. But if your state does, then make sure that the contractor is properly licensed or registered for this type of work. Request for the license number and then check whether there are any current or past complaints against the company. Also, make sure that the contractor is insured to prevent personal liability in case of a worker injury or property damages. Ask for proof of insurance before finalizing any deal.

Review the payment terms

A standard payment plan is an initial 10% deposit, with the following payments due at each completed milestone. A contractor who asks for the entire payment before starting the project generally should not be trusted.

Double-check the manufacturer’s warranty

Sometimes window protection films can get damaged due to poor installation or other external factors. Check if the company offers a replacement or return within the warranty period so that you do not incur losses in the future.

Save your paper work

Always keep proof of your contract with the company as insurance against fraud. Request copies of the contract, the contractor’s licensing and insurance, payment checks, warranty details, and other documentation. Never trust a contractor who refuses to provide these documents.


Finding the right window film contractor is the key to any successful project. A quick internet search will tell you how many competing window film companies are available near you. But remember to keep the considerations above in mind before making a final decision. For more information, contact Lerma Film Crew today at 833-537-6232.

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